Friday, February 3, 2012

Debrief 10

Something from my last encounter with ZeroSong has stuck with me. Her parents. She made that comment about how they were sentimental, maybe they have something of hers? Why the hell didn't I think of this sooner.  Since she has purged all records that involve her real name I'll have to call up Leo's wife and see what she knows.  She is the only resource I've got right now since she used to live nearby. The parents are dead but the house was abandoned. I hope I get there before someone else does. The sooner I find them, the sooner I may get some answers. I want to put an end to all of this before anyone else is killed in the crossfire.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Debrief 9

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy trying to put the pieces together with what information I have. I might as well tell you what went down at the station, since I'm sure everyone's read Zero Song's update. I wasn't there in the beginning because I was interviewing the spouse of one of her past victims, Leo to be specific. He told me Zero's real name. I won't say it just yet. I'm not even sure she knows it anymore but just in case I think this will be a chance to get the upper-hand.

What happened when I arrived at the know what happened.

The interference of "Saint", I've taken to be a good thing. I haven't heard from him since that day. I've been searching for Zero. I can't let this go unpunished. So many people, dead. I will find her. I will kill her myself. Fates be damned. I want her to suffer.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Debrief 8

Sorry for the slow updates. Things have been hectic and I've found little time to share what I've discovered. I don't know how to feel about any of this. It seems Zero has developed a knack for predicting my next move. It's pretty creepy.

On top of all that, I took another look at her posts about her victims and copied down all their names. Something came up. The last name initials spell I WILL KILL ELLA. Wonderful. Killing all these people just to send me a message. Classy. How long has she been waiting for me? But it doesn't stop there. The first initials spell ELLA WILL KILL ME.

I really really don't like the way this is headed.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Debrief 7

Everything has gone okay so far. Kristen showed up to work unscathed and as haughty as ever. I called a meeting to catch everyone involved up to speed on the Mind in Zero case. I announced Mel's death and Kristen's return. She didn't seem too happy to be there, but I tried not to pay any attention to her. I explained what Zero stood for and what we might someday be up against.

Her "God". I told them how my family had been killed at the hands of this creature and tried to keep myself composed. I knew exposing this could have been a risk, not just to my position on the case but to what other people think of me and my sanity. That was a risk I had to take. I assured them I would be able to continue the case and this connection would help us capture Zero.

Lastly, I hit them with the big news. Zero's infiltration into our squad. I used the documents I found about Melandra Anderson and her history to show how she was connected to Zero from as early as their school days. Sometime during the week I will be sending a team to scrounge around the schools for any information they can find to back up my theory and the connection between Melandra and Zero.  I dismissed everyone and caught Kristen's glare on the way out. This was my chance to strike up a conversation. I reminded her she had no current duties since she failed to report after the last mission. I used this to press her more on her activities. At first she staunchly denied any involvement with the case but soon she began to crack under pressure. I warned her. She could escape at any time. It was only going to get worse.

Her next words are something I will not soon forget:

Shamefully, we were in an empty room. No one else heard her screech before she ran out. I really should start carying a tape recorder. I could have used it as evidence against her. Until then, I will do what I can to stop her.

I could use the blogger account I discovered and try to match up the times between the posts and Kristen's absence but times don't add up. Even so, I enjoy this game of cat and mouse

Friday, November 25, 2011

Debrief 6

The last infiltration did not go too well. I had been looking for the officer who called herself Mel's sister. Her body was not recovered at the crime scene, but 5 other officers and Mel's were recovered.

I went to look for her and didn't spot her until around 6pm. She was by the subway station and I spoke to her. She was obviously unhappy to see me. After a short conversation I convinced her to come with me to a nearby diner so we could talk. She had abandoned her post and answers were needed lest she risk her employment. On top of that it was a chance for me to expose her as Zero, as small of a chance that that may be.

My interview with Kristen Anderson did not go as planned, but it's getting there. I have no evidence that she is Zero, but after her outburst she is slowly beginning to crack. We discussed the tall suited man. By discussed I mean I told her how I encountered him in my childhood and his impact on my life. This visibly irritated her to the point where she stormed out. So close yet so far. I plan on speaking to her again soon. I hope her intentions are revealed before more people die so she may be caught and brought to justice.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Debrief 5

The two officers reported in yesterday and gave me vital information. The boyfriend of the accomplice (confirmed to be a girl by the name of Melandra Anderson) not only disappeared, he was murdered. The school staff covered it up. How they've been able to get away with this is beyond me, but the proper actions will be taken.

I think I found Zero's file after using descriptions of her given by former school-mates as a reference. It took a awhile but it will help. I've attempted to contact the Administrator of the second school listed in her profile, but have been greeted by the busy signal for a while now. I will try to meet with him in person soon if I can not find a way to get through.

In lighter news, the surviving officer that has been assisting with the Mind in Zero case is claiming to be Mel's sister. Problem is, since she came I've had more dead-ends than I care to count. Above all that she's come out alive after the last two infiltration's.  Zero does not not leave witnesses. The fact that she's still alive is a miracle. I'm allowing her to go with an assault squad to infiltrate Mel and Zero's base for the third time.

I think I might be working this case with Zero. Yes, that Zero. I'll only know if the officer comes back alive once again.

Looks like I've got a lead after all.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Debrief 4

The web continues to grow ever more complicated. I'm starting to see how articulate our culprit is being. Like putting the finest details on a grand masterpiece.

I left early Tuesday morning towards the school. I met little opposition from the police guards in front of the school gates. They directed me to the main office where I was able to convince the principal to interrogate some of the students on campus on the condition there was a member of the school staff with me. It was fair. The principal kindly asked me to wait until it was lunch break before I started asking around random students about my victim/accomplice. I did as instructed.

The lunch hour arrived and a staff member led me to a group of girls sitting together at a stone table outside. I broke it to them easy; told them she was killed by the mass murderer Singing Zero. After a few minutes of comforting and tears, I went down to business.

"What do you know about this girl?" I asked.

"She was always with her boyfriend," replied a girl to the farthest left. "But he left around the end of September."

"Do you know why he left?"

"No," piped in another girl. "He just stopped coming to school one day. We were told he transferred out." The staff member standing over me noticeably shifted away from me.

"Were you told where he transferred to?" I directed to the girls.

One shook her head. "But she left school a day or two after he did. Didn't even say where she was going; nothing. Not even a goodbye."

I sat there deliberating, massaging my temples. I didn't know what to make of it at that point. This could've all been a ploy; using the girl's disappearance as an excuse to shift the blame to her when in reality she may have not been involved at all. Maybe she was picked at random. But the question still remained as to how the killer knew of this girl's disappearance.

Unable to hold it in any longer, the one girl in the very middle exclaimed, "There was another girl."

"Please <name omitted>, you don't really think he was cheating on her, right?" snapped the girl on the left.

"No," she replied. "But she always hung out with the two of them the moment she transferred here."

"I'm sorry?" I jumped in. "Who is this girl?"

"I don't know her name," the girl quickly replied. "Or which school she came from. But she also went missing around the time our friend did."

Three students coincidentally missing at the same time? Highly unlikely. "Do you know what the girl looked like?" I prompted.

"Short black hair. Average height, I think. Always dressed in black or dark colors. Light green eyes, I wanna say?" Again, the girl shook her head. "That's all I remember."

I hit the jackpot. This was the same description we had gathered for the past year concerning Singing Zero. Although no one so far had been able to identify the killer's gender; he/she had never gotten into close contact with anyone before for people to discern his/her identity. Of course anyone else could have short black hair, green eyes, and dress morbidly. I couldn't go jumping to conclusions; Singing Zero may not even be involved with this and may not even be a woman. It was another lead, though, and I wasn't about to let it slide past me. I thanked them for their time and returned to the front office. I relayed to them my findings in order to convince them to let me look into their school records. I had them email me everything that happened in the month of September, including enrolled students. I have about 55 emails with a total of three thousand attached files. I've so far knocked out two hundred of those attachments. I found nothing. I really hate to think I have to go through all of them but if it must be done I will do it.

So now I have to put further investigation at a standstill until I can find that girl's file. Whether or not it's Singing Zero, I still have a lead. This is the only connection the killer would've had to our victim and her boyfriend. I have little to no doubt that this final search will lead me to the origins of our culprit.

I know I won't be able to get through all of these files before the start of Thanksgiving break, so investigating the second school will have to wait until after break is over. In the meantime, I will put several investigators to track down the boyfriend's disappearance. I have a feeling the school has not completely relayed everything they know to us about this matter.We could also very well have a hostage situation going unnoticed; bribery for compliance from the accomplice.

Oh, that's right. The officer who infiltrated Singing Zero's hideout is going to be released from the hospital today. Unfortunately, I cannot personally debrief the officer until I got a hold on Singing Zero's whereabouts concerning his/her little accomplice. Strike the iron while it's hot. And once I do have this little mess unscrambled, I will piece together the killer's little masquerade.

And I will unveil you yet, Zero.